Microsoft Relational Databases

Microsoft Access is a database system, which can be built and adapted to a company’s needs and used either by a single person or a number of people.

Experience is as follows. All these have been designed and built from somebody’s original idea of what was needed to aid in the running of their business.

They can be adapted to your needs or a completely new system designed by us to answer a problem you may be experiencing.

In either case we can help build a solution for you from start or give you something to complement an existing which you would like to be more effective in areas such as reporting.

Helpdesk System

A database that accepts e-mailed requests, confirms receipt and logs them for action. These are displayed and can be picked up by relevant staff. The answer can be e-mailed back to the enquirer from the database.
Reports are available to specification.

Contacts Database

Records of contact names and addresses which can be updated and maintained swiftly. It can record multiple site addresses and contacts and can be used to include discussions and agreements.

Management Information Systems

This merged together information from over 50 separate databases. Contained information on over 70,000 individuals who could be looked up by name and details of training and costs viewed.
In conjunction with MS Excel payments made to companies can be viewed against profile and variances in both numbers and cost viewed from global company to product code level.

File conversion

Converters to produce output from Access into other file formats. This can be used to output data for reading into other systems.

Smaller solutions developed include:

Simple form and database design to produce lists

Database of filed items capable of producing lists and labels for the filing box to display the contents and archive dates.

Database recording staff details producing a telephone list.

More complex designs which produce reports and views to specification

A System for recording name and address information with lookup facility (by Company and by Contact name) to allow amendment and recording of information relating to a corporate event celebrating 10 years of a successful local company.
This used the Microsoft Office Suite to produce invitations, table cards and table plans, lists of meal choices to aid the smooth running of the evening.