There are a number of things which can be automated to create a more efficent way of dealing with the data required by the Learning and Skills Council

Providers using Provider Online

If you are using provider online you may be using several different methods to keep on top of your business eg separate spreadsheets.

By using the information in already input to Provider Online it is possible to produce reports for the LSC and ALI to measure

Any reports you require can be written on the data which has been entered. Additional data may be held in a secure database application to supply additional intelligence without the need to reinput the same data over again.

In addition the following can be developed: .

ESF Co-financing

Agreeing the Individualised Learner Information with the Contact Montoring Return often causes much difficulty and frustration.

By having a reporting structure written which will match the Short Record Data with the contract requirements a vast amount of time can be saved.


Training can be given on all LSC applications: